Monday, November 10, 2014


Back to blogging. I really needed a creativity outlet back in my life, so here I am. Plus I have a whole lot of new things to show you guys. Here is just a simple little post to let you know Im back. My new Urban Outfitters "FUCK" socks. (Badass over here!!!) I couldnt find the UO ones online but here are a similar pair.
I have really been enjoying the simplicity of white nail varnish at the moment and I am deperately trying to grow out my nails. Ive been crushing over Stella hudgens and Ellen Atlanta's nails so much! Before xmas, I will have perfect nails (Ill let you guys know how thats going!) A little holographic purse and boho clutch in the background there.
Oh and my plaited hair!



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  2. I was just about to buy those socks! But I wonder if the general public will approve...

    really love your blog! (blog more) new follower! x