Wednesday, January 28, 2015


1. BLEACH LONDON - Awkward Peach // 2. GARNIER - Densifying Shampoo // 3. URBAN DECAY - NAKED Palette // 4. CLAIRES - Gold hoops // 5. BENEFIT - Porefessional // 6. Plaited Hair // 7. ORLY - Prince Charming Gel nail polish

// Music - Willow Smith & Yung Lean //
// BOOK - Ham on Rye: Charles Bukouski //
// FILM - La Haine: Mathieu Kassovitz //

I can't believe January is already coming to an end, so here is my first favourites post of the year. First of all I had to mention the bleach london hair dye I tired out this month. I had used some of their semi-permanent colours before but I had never tried this colour. Anyway, as my hair is a dirty blonde colour using this dye (which Im guessing is meant for bleached/super blonde hair) I left a super super cool pinky/orangy tint to my hair in some lighting. Im definitely gonna do this again and try to intensify the colour a teeny bit more. 
I actually got my nails done for the first time ever (yes... you heard) this month, I got a gel nails in this orly colour and I was so so pleased with them. Apart from the colour being amazing, they stayed on for almost the whole month. Gel nails are my new favourite thing! They are so so easy, look nice & prevent me from biting! 
A bit of a wierd favourite - Plaits, Braids... whatever you wanna call them. Ive been so lazy with my hair this month (especially for school) so plaiting it is such an easy way to keep it out of the way & looking nice. 
Musicwise, Ive been addicted to soundcloud this month (you should definitely check out my soundcloud HERE.) The film I've mentioned here is actually the one Im studying for my French Alevel but I enjoyed it so much, it has literally become on of my favourite films.

I though I should add even more colour to this month, so I included some of my favourite instagram posts from this month. If you want to check out my instagram... HERE

Saturday, January 24, 2015



How crazyily cool are these trousers? I would have never thought wide legged, mid-rise, pleather trousers would look anything near decent - but hey! I was wrong! I love the mixed vibes of this outfit, the trousers and top are really quite smart, structured pieces, so i decided to pair them with a grungy black & white flannel and this awesome five panel. Im also having a secret (not so secret) obsession with gold hoops earings at the moment (I secretly feel so much more gangsta with gold hoops in - guuuuuuuuurl)
Also these pictures have made me super sad and realise how far away summer is & how pale I am going to be until this distant date! PLEASE SUMMER HURRY UP!

Monday, January 19, 2015


HAT - Ebay // JUMPER - H&M // JEANS - H&M // SHOES - T.U.K Creepers // EARINGS - Claires 

Pretty simple outfit with some funky accessories - How crazy is this bucket hat & the creepers?!? I love how a simple outfit like this super comfy white turtle neck jumper and some simple black jeans can be totally jazzed up! I bought this jumper in the h&m sale last week for 12€ and i havent taken it off since!  

Saturday, January 17, 2015


JACKET - Zara (similar HERE & HERE) // TURTLE NECK - Flea market // SKIRT - New yorker (similar HERE) (yep.. you heard!) // BOOTS - Asos (HERE) // GLASSES - Berska // EARINGS - Claires

How amazing are my new glasses? - I went shopping in the sales the other day and literally found nothing i liked apart from these beauties (that, trust my luck, weren't in the sale.) They were pretty cheap & just make any outfit! The jacket (which like the boots, isn't actually mine hehe) has such an amazing oriental print - a real statement jacket. The only downside to it is that its super thin so to wear it in winter you need to put something super thick under it. 
I have been lusting over these boots for so long, literally EVERY blogger has a pair. My the amazing Jessica (ALTEREVIL) got a pair from asos and was kind enough to let me borrow them - yayyyy!

Sunday, January 11, 2015


TOP - Grandmas old top // TROUSERS - Primark // CHOKER - Homemade 

This is actually what I wore on new years eve (bit late) but I wanted to find something a bit different to wear that wasn't the classic tight black/sparkly dress. This is quite a boho/summery look but when I wore it out at night I just put a big black coat on top. I love these trousers, they are super long and have to be worn with heels - who'd have guessed they are from primark? Once again this lovely lace top that I have been wearing non-stop. 
The weather over here has been surprisingly nice when the sun is out (yeah at night its absolutely freezing), so I decided to embrace it and take these pictures on my balcony!

Monday, January 5, 2015


1. Calvin Klein - Sports bra & brief (BRA HERE & BRIEFS HERE)  // 2. UNIF - Badsport houndstooth (HERE) // 3. Topshop - Satin pjama set ( TOP HERE & BOTTOMS HERE) // 4. Motel Rocks - Shiny spandex set ( TOP HERE & SKIRT HERE) // 5. Miss Guided - Fluffy knit set ( TOP HERE & SKIRT HERE

I have been wanting to get a two piece for ages and Im pretty disappointed that I still don't own one. Here are some of my favourites that Ive found online. The calvin klein set is an underwear set but I think it is so amazing that I decided to include it here anyway. Following the branded waistband trend, this houndstooth two piece is super cool ( & would already be mine if it weren't so expensive), I am going to keep an eye out for it in the UNIF sale! The next set, I first saw on sunbeamsjess, she wore it in her topshop NYE lookbook. It is really a pijama set but I think you can definitely dress it up and wear it out!
I have a slight obsession at the moment both with fluffy & halterneck crop tops at the moment thus number 4 & 5. I think this shiny spandex two piece from motel rocks the best thing ever, I wish I could have worn it on NYE!!!

Friday, January 2, 2015


TOP - Grandma's old pijama top // JEANS - Topshop (Similar HERE) // SCARF - ZARA (Similar HERE & HERE) // COAT - Vintage // SHOES - Primark 

My grandma gave me this beautiful lace top ages ago in hope that I would wear it like a pretty little pijama top like she did, but im more of a big baggy jumper kinda person when it comes to sleeping. I had never worn it until the other night when I  was going out to and had no idea what to wear, so I cut the straps and turned it into a halter neck and I really like it now, so expect to be seeing this top more! I had a pretty chilled day today, so nothing too exciting in this outfit. My trusty mom jeans and snake-skin slip-ons - super cool & comfy.