Thursday, February 26, 2015


1. April halter neck crop top (HERE) // 2. Fluffy crop top (HERE) // 3. Palm leaf two piece (HERE) // 4. Dana off-shoulder crop top (HERE) // 5. Jet plunge neck playsuit (HERE) // 6. Criss cross swinsuit (HERE) // 7. Dania red dress (HERE) // 8. Wrap skirt (HERE) // 9. Zamora bodycon dress (HERE) // 10. Iridescent dress (HERE) // 11. Raglan sweatshirt (HERE

Who doesn't love Motel Rocks? I mean I could probably say it's one of my favourite online shops! Its pieces are super unique with its instantly recognizable prints and all of their clothes are really well made to flatter our figures perfectly!! I've picked out some of my favourite items from their site - this was actually really hard cos I luv everrrrythinnnng!! I could spend a fortune on crop tops alone in Motel.
I've included a few pieces I have literally been lusting over for ages, like this palm leaf two piece, and some pieces from their new collection, (how amazing are the 70s vibezzz in their new collection!!!) - like this warm toned halter neck crop top; the print, the cut... argh it just too cool!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


BLACK: HAT -Ralph Lauren  // TOP - H&M // Beat up leather JACKET - Vintage // SHORTS - Zara // BOOTS - Asos //
WHITE: HAT - Ralph Lauren // TOP- Topshop // WRAP - Vintage // BOOTS - Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane //

But if ya thinking bout ma baby, it don't matter if your black or white WOOOO

For these pictures that a friend took of me and Jess (alterevil), we decided to go for the whole monochrome look. I really love how the picture have turned out. To wear all black, I decided I had to play with the textures of the pieces to jazz the outfit up a bit. Im super in love with these suede thigh high boots (that every blogger has!!!) with chunky souls - literally the perfect thigh high boots. 
Also check how insane Jess looks with the white wrap with little gold coins - Aladdin chicccccc! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015


The incredible views - Grandvalira slopes - Me being a total snowboard babe (yeah whatever) 
- My dad looking super cool boarding - selfieeeee (urgh I hate that word) 

As I previously mentioned, this week I have been on a ski trip with my school. Im exhausted after spending five days in Andorra where I snowboarded all day and stayed up al night. Despite the extreme tiredness the trip couldn't have been any better. We were lucky enough to have perfect weather conditions for skiing throughout the whole trip and the slopes were breath-takingly beautiful and ahhhhhhh I just loved it so much. 

I hadn't snowboarded for about four years so I was super excited to get back into it and see what I could do. I went full out on the snowboarding front and despite a few bumps and bruises (okay... a lot of bumps and WAY TOO MANY bruises) I really improved and Im super stoked to get back on the slopes. I had an amazing teacher in the morning and after lunch on the slopes, we were set free to explore the mountains. In the evenings, we found this really cute little bar called "La gruta" where they had chill music, a pool table and darts... It kept us happy! 

Leaving on the last day was horrible as not only do I know I wont be skiing for atleast another year but its the last class trip I am ever going to be doing!!! I enjoyed the snowboarding so much, I honestly couldn't get enough of it - I even woke up early on the last day to get two more hours on the slopes whilst everyone else packed!! Andorra is an incredible place, so much so I would definitely consider moving there for a year and getting a job on the slopes... hey, who knows!?!? 

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Excuse the total mixture of pictures today. I had a little collection building up of photos I really like but couldnt post either because it was a random one photo wonder (okay maybe not that much of a wonder.. but you get me) or from a shoot which I didnt have enough pictures that I was happy with to do a post on the outfit. Anyway I decided just to stick them all together and tadaaaaa! Ive included a few pictures from the shoot I spoke of last week.with my friend! The rest should be up soon when Rokit vintage put up the post that I am collaborating with (eeeek excited!!) I away skiing in Andorra this week, Ill make sure to post all about it when Im back and show you what Ive been up to!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


1. Flipper anorak - Ragged priest (HERE) // 2. Sequin crop top - Di$count tra$h (HERE) // 3. Holographic flatforms - Asos (HERE) // 4. Love heart crop top - Ichiban (HERE) // 5. Heart bra - Topshop (HERE) // 6. Sequin cat skirt - Di$count tra$h (HERE) // 7. Tshirt dress - Ichiban (HERE) // 8. Britney biker jacket - Ragged priest (HERE) // 9. Over it crop top - Ragged priest (HERE

Sugar, spice, all things nice, glitter, pink, hearts, rainbows, shiny things & sequins. 

Valentines inspired fashion is the coolest, so I decided to put a wishlist together with a few piece I think look perfect for the day - whatever you decide to do. Ive been in love with the clothes from The Ragged Priest at the moment, they have the craziest iridescent bags and jackets, so I had to include something of theirs in this wishlist. I am also a big fan of triangle bras. There was one in topshop about a year ago that was mesh and had two red hearts on it, so I looked for something similar and tada! Look at this pastel beauty!

Monday, February 9, 2015


JACKET - Monki (HERE) // TOP - Charity shop (Similar HERE) // SKIRT - Zara // BOOTS - Asos (HERE) // GLASSES - Zara (Similar HERE)

Argh excuse my absence last week, Ive been super busy with exams & school work. The joys of year 13. But half term is coming up soon, so I will finally be able to chill & relax (well not so much tbh as im going skiing - exxxxxcited!) 
One of my closest friends from school happens to be pretty good with a camera, and this weekend he took some pictures of me and Jess. He is so talented and got some really cool pictures of us which Im excited to show you.