Saturday, February 21, 2015


Excuse the total mixture of pictures today. I had a little collection building up of photos I really like but couldnt post either because it was a random one photo wonder (okay maybe not that much of a wonder.. but you get me) or from a shoot which I didnt have enough pictures that I was happy with to do a post on the outfit. Anyway I decided just to stick them all together and tadaaaaa! Ive included a few pictures from the shoot I spoke of last week.with my friend! The rest should be up soon when Rokit vintage put up the post that I am collaborating with (eeeek excited!!) I away skiing in Andorra this week, Ill make sure to post all about it when Im back and show you what Ive been up to!


  1. wwooowie! One of the best posts by you so far!!! Really really cool shots, fashion magazine -like !! xxx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. love these shots, really cool. xox

  3. Dont excuse for this pics cos its super awesome!
    I love it- differs your post from others!
    have agood wekend!

  4. I've nominated you you to do the 'Me Time' Tag! Find it over at

  5. nice, love the bts look of the photos