Monday, April 23, 2012


Loving the 90's looks at them moment, i never really thought of the nineties as a major fashino woho time, but im starting to love it, The mixture, in different styles and oh god, LOVING the bindis, they are jsut wow
beautiful outfits from the amzing website ,so different to most other online shops,.

How could i not mention this lovely lady, her style is so inspirational, shes such a cool person, its ridiculous. Most definitly one of my favourtie blogs at the moment

And i couldnt go without mentioning the goddess of the nineties, Gwen <3

And yes very complemenntary today as i am in a wonderful mood, despite the shitload of artwork i have to do

Saturday, April 21, 2012

gee sanks

First of all, i was so so happy to see people actually liked my blog and post, and its was truly a delightful surprise to see comments, i was overjoyed! I cant wait to get posting more!
IM ON THE LEFT- Jeans- h&m, Plain white off the shoulder- primark, Demin jacket-Charity

Yes, I am guity of double demin. Althoughh it worked, because the jeans are so acid washed that the demin is more white than anything else. This was on my recent trip to wales which was rather amazing, with my two lovely blondes.
I neeed a camera and i need new clothes and why cant everything be free, would it be so amaizng if we could just have all the clothes we wanted, bua, i swear the world would be a runway. But sadly it is not like that, and i need to stop dreaming and start buying. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012


 Today i was passing through blogs when i found, possibly, my new favourite blog! Mika's blog is lovely, she is gorgeous and i love her style, very inspirational blog. She made a post recently about a supreme shirt she had bought on ebay, now its obvuiously not real supreme but i looked on ebay and heres what i found
For only seven pounds, so i think hopefully i will be getting this, alhtough the night neckline, doesnt flatter my body shape very well, oh well, its a very nice top and will be looking forward to purchasing it!


Hat- pullandbear, glasses- vintage, top- my own ( jeans-charity shop, belt- zara, vans

Very tumblry look, most definitely not my usual style. Although i am in love with my new neon pink vans, such a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. I am actually living in these highwaisted levis which i bought for three euros ina charity shop and ripped up, i love them with this belt, pefect edge. The round sunglasses are not mine (sadly) but are very beautiful, i belive they are vintage from the 70s and i am on the lookout for some pretty similar, i am hoping to get to a little market next sunday to have a look for something along the lines. I bought the hat agessssssss ago but only recently began to wear it, i actually really like it, it was reallly cheap aswell! And ofcourse, in honour of the tumblry photoshoot, i am wearing the high little socks.

numero uno

I have decided to finally start a fashion blog, after a couple of failed attempts I will become a blogger, with a proper blog, with frequent posts who (hopefully) will be read by other people. Let me introduce myself. I'm Rosie, I'm 15 and I live in a wonderful island just off the coast of Spain called Mallorca, its pretty small and there is not much going on, but i love it and couldnt ask for a better place to live. I want to start a fashion blog mainly because i love read fashion blogs and would love for people to enjoy mine like i enjoy theirs, but i also want to use this as a sort of diary. You know those days where you have no idea what to wear, i will just lake a look at my blog, find an occasion and bam! outfit sorted! I would love to share my favourite shops, products, clothes, offers and blogs you everyone. My style is still a bit of a mixture of everything, one day i feel all posh fashiony, very prim and proper and the next  all i want to wear is black and grungey but whatever, we will see what happens.