Sunday, April 15, 2012


 Today i was passing through blogs when i found, possibly, my new favourite blog! Mika's blog is lovely, she is gorgeous and i love her style, very inspirational blog. She made a post recently about a supreme shirt she had bought on ebay, now its obvuiously not real supreme but i looked on ebay and heres what i found
For only seven pounds, so i think hopefully i will be getting this, alhtough the night neckline, doesnt flatter my body shape very well, oh well, its a very nice top and will be looking forward to purchasing it!


  1. First of all: I love her blog! Secondly: I'm a tad jealous that u're living on Mallorca, it's such an awesome isle! Have been to Colonia de St. Jordi a few years ago and it was WONDERFUL. Many people think that the whole isle is like Palma, the place where u can get drunk easily haha, but that's not true! Seriously, u must be so lucky to live there :) x