Friday, December 28, 2012


Top: New yorker, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Vans

Yeeeello lovelies, yesterday me and my family celebrated a second christmas with some family friends. We wen over for lunch at their house and this is what i wore. This beautiful long lace skirt which i borrowed from a friend. It is such an elegant piece, so to wear it just for a casual lunch I had to dress it down abit. To do this i wore a very simple grey loose tshirt, which is very thin and casual. On my feet i wore plain, all black, classis vans and i thought this was simple and casual to really make the skirt shine.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Not only beautiful and hot , Cara Delevingne is super down to earth and really cool. Ive been obsessed with her recently, after seeing her (tr)eat your girl right photo with the Jeremy scott jumper, I decided to watch a few interview videos, and WOW i love her. I mean not many people can eat pizza and burgers before the day before a victoria's secret show. I am so jealous of her super defined cheekbones and fierce eyes. She has a really chilled and tomboy-ish style and her eyebrows are so perfect! Imagine looking like her?!?! She been in such demand at the moment and modelled for pretty much anyone who is anyone this year. I just cant get over how so super cool she is. I dont wanna fan girl here, but she is most definitely my new girl crush.

Hello lovelies, today i am going to post about something a bit different, Ive decided to create a food section on my blog which will include anything from recipes, meals & how-to's. Yesterday I was in a rather housewife-y mood and decided to cook dinner for the family. I grilled these big juicy uruguayan steaks for my family and made a small simple salad with lettuce, tomato and red pepper. It was so ridiculously good and quite healthy aswell (more or less teehe)

Changing the subject completely, Id like to apologise for my recent absence, Ive been really busy with school, but the main reason is, that Ive been really uninspired lately and lacking the energy to do absolutely anything over the past few months. I am going to be able to post a lot more then i have been, these holiday, as school finished yesterday so I am now, officially, on my christmas holidays! I have loads of posts lineup and ready, which I'm very exited to share, plus xmas is coming up and there is always loads to talk and post about over christmas.