Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Not only beautiful and hot , Cara Delevingne is super down to earth and really cool. Ive been obsessed with her recently, after seeing her (tr)eat your girl right photo with the Jeremy scott jumper, I decided to watch a few interview videos, and WOW i love her. I mean not many people can eat pizza and burgers before the day before a victoria's secret show. I am so jealous of her super defined cheekbones and fierce eyes. She has a really chilled and tomboy-ish style and her eyebrows are so perfect! Imagine looking like her?!?! She been in such demand at the moment and modelled for pretty much anyone who is anyone this year. I just cant get over how so super cool she is. I dont wanna fan girl here, but she is most definitely my new girl crush.


  1. she issss perfect and absolutely down to earth, you're right! jealous haha :-)

  2. Cara is definitely my favorite model ever.
    And your blog is amazing! x

  3. Oh my gosh, I love her too! She's amazing, and so gorgeous! x