Saturday, April 21, 2012

gee sanks

First of all, i was so so happy to see people actually liked my blog and post, and its was truly a delightful surprise to see comments, i was overjoyed! I cant wait to get posting more!
IM ON THE LEFT- Jeans- h&m, Plain white off the shoulder- primark, Demin jacket-Charity

Yes, I am guity of double demin. Althoughh it worked, because the jeans are so acid washed that the demin is more white than anything else. This was on my recent trip to wales which was rather amazing, with my two lovely blondes.
I neeed a camera and i need new clothes and why cant everything be free, would it be so amaizng if we could just have all the clothes we wanted, bua, i swear the world would be a runway. But sadly it is not like that, and i need to stop dreaming and start buying. 


  1. Just two crazy girls <3
    HAHA, hope u had fun dear!

    x the cookies