Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Jeremy Scott x ADIDAS //HERE

Typo ADIDAS collection - leggings //HERE

Jourdan Dunn rocking ADIDAS fishnet

Adidas has actually come out with some super great pieces over the past few year, be it the Typo collection or Jeremy Scott collaborations, Im loving it! I picked out three of my favourite piece, Im not sure if the fishnet jumper is out for sale yet, but how amazing is it! However, even if you can't get hold of this one, Rita Ora did collab with adidas and bring out a mesh black jumper which is kinda similar. These leggings are definitely on my xmas list, but its worth checking out the whole of the collection - I know it is available at Urban Outfitters and now on Asos aswell!

I love how individual all of these pieces are and despite adidas having quite a sporty vibe, they can easily be dressed in loads of different ways.


  1. love the collaboration with jeremy scott! so cool love a bit of adidas x

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  3. Rita Ora X Adidas is cool too x

  4. cool pieces!

    xo T.

  5. Great post, dear! I'm in love with that t-shirt! ^-^
    Nice blog!

  6. love your post!