Wednesday, November 26, 2014


1. MAC // Heroine (HERE) & Styled in Sepia (HERE)
2. TOPSHOP// Boardroom (HERE)
3. COLOUR POP// Wet (HERE) & Brills (HERE) & Feminist (HERE) & Raw (HERE)
4. URBAN DECAY// Pulp fiction "Revolution" (HERE)

I never really used to wear lipstick, I mean Ive always been much more attracted to beautiful colours on the perfectly shaped lips than a detailed, shimmery smokey eye, however until recently I never really wore lipstick that much. Since discovering mac lipsticks a few years ago, I now really appreciate lipstick and have become much more daring when it comes to wearing bold lip makeup. 
I have been lusting after this quite bright (almost pinky) purple lip colour 'Heroine' for a while now. I don't currently have any purple lipsticks and I instantly loved this colour (plus its mac.. the smell, the packaging, its just mac). It is actually on my things to buy list next time I get the chance to get into town as I have a gift-card for a department shop which sells mac cosmetics. The second colour I saw on my favourite youtuber, Sunbeamsjess
I dont actually own any topshop lipsticks currently, but Im really hoping to get this colour for christmas so I can try it out. They are not too expensive either. 
Colour pop is a new LA based makeup brand I came across the other day. The have some super cool colour lipsticks (and some awesome lipliners too). I adored this gold-metallicy lipstick colour, it reminds me of the Rhianna Lipstick for mac. The next is a really sweet pink with a hint of lilac in it, i think this colour would look great with a lighter skin tone like my own. 
The next two lipsticks are pretty bold! I chose this dark dark purple over the black lipstick they also have to put in my wishlist mainly because of its name 'feminist' hahaha. And as for the blue, need i say much? Individual, bright, daring... LOVE IT!
To finish off with Im really really super crushing over this deep red, urban decay lipstick. Classic. Both the colour and the film. 


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  2. I'm in love with MAC Heroine, it's such a beautiful and special colour! I had never heard of the brand Colour pop before, but those lipsticks look amazing as well :)

  3. MAC Heroine is such a beautiful colour, I'm definitely on the hunt for one too!

  4. Lovely lipsticks, would be lovely for Christmas! :)

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  5. wow such a lovely post! great job x Happy Thanksgiving!

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  6. Interesting choices! I'd love to see how the bluey-greeny one would actually look on someone!

  7. Great colours! That blue colour would be so fun!

    xo T.

  8. I never used to wear lipstick much either but, recently in the colder months I have! I love all these colours, especially the Urban Decay one! x

  9. I love the Mac lipstick, the colour is gorgeous! Would love if you could check out my blog and follow each other if you would like? Great post :)

  10. Thanks! I follow you in bloglovin' too ;)