Monday, February 24, 2014


I recently got an undercut shaved. I have been thinking about doing this for quite a while now and taking advantage of the fact that a friend is working in a hairdressers, I decided to got for it. Of course its not everyone's cup of tea, but i love it and I'm really happy with the result. 
I must admit it was a bit scary seeing long strands of hair falling to the floor whilst i was having it shaved off, and its something that must be thought through well before having it done. But then again, its just hair, it grows! This hair style is easily hidden by wearing your hair down, so even if your school is as strict as mine, you can still get this done!

It is so much easier to brush, wash & style my hair now. I had five dreadlocks before which have all been cut and you cannot believe how much more comfortable it is without them. There is a quite a significant difference in the amount of hair i have now, as i already have quite thin hair I do not have that much left, to be honest. 

The only thing i really cant stand about this cut is when my hair is up loosely and the bottom of my hair bobs over the shaved bit which leaves me with a hair-style which resembles to a mushroom a bit too much. However I am still getting used to this hair style and am yet to get used to styling my hair life this. I can't wait to try out shaving some designs into my hair and I'm even considering dying it. 




  1. Great pictures, I think it was definitely a good idea! It looks so cool!

    Rose xo

  2. ah this looks wicked! wish i had the guts to do it, would make my hair so much lighter! xx

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