Thursday, February 28, 2013


Well what can i say about this beauty, she is most definitely my girl crush at the moment. Free spirit, Chloe Norgaard is an american model known for her crazy hair. Her style is so eclectic and colourful. It really matches her crazy and loud personality. She wears bright clothes and isn't afraid to mix and match colour and break all the rules.
I think she really is a true inspiration, as she is just happy with being herself. Which is something we should all truely look up to. Plus I'm SUPER jealous of her hair, and every time i see her i get the worst cravings to just dye my hair.
You should definitely check out her blog

Until next time! xx


  1. i would love to have hair like that! absolutely amazing x

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  3. Brilliant colors.
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    Thank you.

  4. Ah I love her! She's so inspirational, not to mention absolutely gorgeous!

    Love Ellen xx

  5. :O THAT HAIR.

    I'm so happy I found this chick; her photos are gorgeous!thank youu

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  7. Oh my god, I had never heard of this girl before but now I'm in love with her hair! :)

  8. she's so cool! awesome pictures!

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