Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Essential Wish List

Hello guys, first of all i would like to apologize for my complete lack of blogging, it is due to nothing expect pure laziness. To get back into (and also i have no outfit pictures) I decided to put together some basic wardrobe items, that i need in my wardrobe this year.
The first is a pair of classic white Reebok hightops, I think these shoes look so cool and completly style up an outfit, instead of sticking on a pair of converse or vans.
Second, an oversized light denim levis jacket, I do have a big denim jacket, however it is a darker and i wanted to lighten things up a little ;)
Disco pants, american apparel's oh so famous disco pants, I would love to own a pair of these, they can be dressed up, dressed down, and worn in so many different ways. Plus ive herad they are really flattering on most shapes. However the price will set me bakc a bit...
Another similar item is the american apparel easy jean, yet again, very pricey
The round RayBan glasses are the ideal, however being as clumsy as i am, I think i will settle with some cheaper glasses maybe from a market somewhere, similar style but no where near the same price.
Dr Martens cherry boots, need i say anymore? Perfection in a shoes.
The next is an item, i already have, however i want more of, Highwaisted Levis, the pair i own are cut off and frayed, however the next pair i get i think i will cut and then fold over, as it gives a more clean cut effect.
A grey hoodie, surprisingly enough, I dont own one of these. I think it is a basic piece that is amazing to layer. This particular one is from american apparel, however i will most definitly not purchase this one, i will settle with a cheaper version from somewhere like primark.
Finally, a black beanie from supreme. I doubt i will get a supreme one, but i definilty want a black beanie like this for this winter.

There are tons of other things that i want, but these were a few basic pieces that i think are pretty staple pieces that could really wow-up my wardrobe. 


  1. i love the Reeboks and Disco Pantsss! :)

  2. I love these picks so much! I just bought a men's grey hoodie from Primark for £8! Definitely worth getting, it's so cosy and looks exactly like the more expensive versions AA and Topshop have <3

    Ellen xx

  3. You got this essential wish list bang on target! xx


  4. "Dr Martens cherry boots, need i say anymore?"
    Nope! I have a pair and they are awesome...comfy & cool all rolled into one :)