Monday, May 28, 2012

Look who's back

First of all, you have all my apologies for the lack of posts recently, there have been a few things going on and on top of that i have exams, so i have boooks coming out of my ears and living with te doubt of it is pphysically possible to cram much more information into my head in the week. Well only time will tell.
Today i happend to drop in on a little charity shop near where i live, it is bary small and there is not much there, bu i was lucky enough to find a couple of bits. I picked up this white mens tee and a midwaist studded black belt. I also came across some pretty cool turqoise armani highwaists that would be perfect for summer, but when i put them on i wasent convinced. I was torn whether to buy them or not but in the end i decided, if i wasent sure to leave them.
I have already cut the top to just above my waist and rolled up the sleeves, then i spent the rest of the noon tiedying a couple of bits and studying.

I have been thinking and i am rather loving the urbany kinda of english gangsta look going on, but quite polished at the same time. I was thinking along the lines of nikes/vans baggy low jeans and a supreme type tee cut to just above the waist, or highwaists, nikes and a cropped tee, gold chains and all that jazz. But then to carry off baggy and showing a bit of tummy you have to be uberskinny and i dont exactly fall into that category, well let me know what you think. Hasta luego amigos!

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  1. love the beltttt :O you should have bought the shorts! <3