Saturday, March 4, 2017



When i was in india over christmas, I decided I wanted to start a project in 2017 that i could work on throughout the year and create something I was really proud of. I decided I wanted to create a little online shop where I would sell/create/design clothes I loved and I would want to wear. Whilst i was over there, I purchased some tops which I bought home and I am now selling at ShopLindis. This is obviously just the beginning and I am really excited and have some new projects on the way already. The store officially launched this week - - with some of these hand-picked authentic Rajasthani crop tops. They are super colourful and with intricate hand-sewed embellished designs; with beads, mirrors and seashells. They are perfect pieces for festivals, beaches and holidays and even an amazing piece to style up for a night out. I am so happy to be sharing this with you all. So please have a look at out instagram: @shoplindis and our web store: SHOPLINDIS
Lotsssssa love!


  1. this is SO cool, im excited! best of luck <3

  2. Amazing outfits with embellishments on crop tops ..liked the styling on of matching with bottoms ... especially printed ones look good on denims for vibrant colors... Killer look

  3. It's so cool, very inspiring, here you have my new blog