Thursday, September 10, 2015

19 19 19

1. Fuschia glow air force I - NIKE // 2. Jude sunglasses - POLLETTE (HERE) // 3. Frost sweater - UNIF

I cannot believe that in less than two weeks I will no longer be 18. I don't even feel 18, let alone 19 - I mean 19!!!! That is way too old. I would have been so much happier just to stay 16 forever. This is going to be a pretty busy year, and just like this year so many things have changed for me - this year has been super busy and full of new feelings and new emotions for me. It SCARY! 
My birthday this year is actually my second day of uni, so I am a bit disappointed not to be spending the day with my friends and family in Mallorca. I am moving to Nottingham in a week so hopefully I will meet some cool people on the first two days at uni!! 
I am not expecting much for my birthday this year, as I am starting uni, moving out and so on which basically means $$$ ... So my wishlist is pretty minimal. When I saw these nikes I knew they had to be mine - they are me in shoe form. ARGH! The UNIF jumper is just amazing and as I have been living in Mallorca for the past 12 years I seem to have a huge lack of warm clothes, which I really need now.

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  1. I hope you have a fab birthday and get what you want, those sunglasses are so nice!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane