Monday, June 1, 2015


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If you hadn't noticed already, here I am to tell you all about the slight obsession I am having with denim this spring/summer. When I was a kid, I used to refuse to wear denim of any type, I remember thinking it was really yucky and the further away from it I could keep the better. And look how far I have come today HA! Anyway there have been alots of queens rocking the double denim trend recently; amongst them Mika Francis and Tigerlily (my favssssss ever.) & I a double denim post would not be complete without a tribute to Britney & Justin at the 2001 American Music Awards - the trendsetters themselves!

I recently posted a double denim outfit so make sure to check it out! 
Aaaaaand finally I have put together a little denim wishlist with a few bitttts! I am IN LOVE with these sequin mom jeans from StyleMoi (Kayla Hadlinton has them too!) I recently bought an amazing crop top really similar to the one I featured here which I will make sure to show you very soon! 


  1. You can never not mention Britney and Justin in a double denim trend haha. That picture is forever in my mind haha. I love those jeans and the denim skirt x

  2. Denim is essential in every wardrobe, the picture of Britney and Justin is too classic though hahah x

  3. Denim is essential in every wardrobe, the picture of Britney and Justin is too classic though hahah x

  4. I need to get my self a denim skirt, they look so cute but I'm just scared it will take me back to looking like a 14 year old. Am I the only one that LIVED in denim skirts at that age? I need to work past the bad memories and focus on how good they look now!

    Made In The 1990's.

  5. I think wishlist number 6 will be in my list as well!
    So classic and great for summer!
    Great blog!

    Much love

  6. omfg these mom jeans are everything haha :D

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  7. amazing inspirational photos! gotta love the double denim look. thank you for sharing

  8. britney and justin tho no question

  9. Wow!! I love this photos!! Denim is inspirational and amazing
    I would love if you follow my blog, actually I already follow you using GFC!

  10. Gah I love denim. This past month I have literally bought every different style of dungarees that there are.. it was totally worth it xo

  11. You look amazing thanks for sharing:) Can we follow each other’s blog to support each other?:) please let me know if you are interested so I can follow your blog back:)


  12. Hey, I've nominated you for the Leibster award! Read my blog post about you; XX

  13. simply amazing
    i am so happy about this vintage-old School trend
    denim Looks are amazing

    with love your AMELY ROSE