Wednesday, December 24, 2014


1. MAC LIPSTICK - Heroine // 2. ARIZONA - Peach Ice tea // 3. Barry M - Dusky Mauve & Berry ice cream // 4. Gold hoops - Earings // 5. Knew high socks - BLACK

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS LOVELIES! I hope you all have great christmas holiday and may all your wishes come true! This months festive favourite include a lot of purple (whats up with monthly favs being colours coordinated?!?!), not only have I been loving purple nail varnish - both light & dark - but also this awesome purple lipstick and I have discovered purple eyeliner makes my blue eyes really stand out! 
Ive also been wearing knee high socks & gold hoop earrings to death this month! Im not usually a jewellery/accessory person, but these .. I love! And finally Ive found where to buy Arizona drinks in Mallorca (Woooo!) so I had to include this in my favourites!

I think christmas is always quite a sentimental time, so I'll embrace the moment and take this opportunity to thank everyone who follows/comments/reads my blog. You support is appreciated so much, I really put a lot of effort and time (even if it is time which I should spend studying) into it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past few months blogging. I wish you all a great 2015 & I hope the new year has a lot more in store for this blog! Enjoy!!!!!


  1. what a great lipstick colour! so chic

  2. The mac lipstick is beautiful! I wanted to pick it up today but Mac was so busy :(

  3. MAC - Heroin is the best ! I bought it last year on Hollywood Boulevard and it always amazes people !