Monday, January 7, 2013


'Whatever' beanie: local hero HERE
Gold hoop engraved earrings: Topshop HERE
Contrast colour 'Army funny G' Pullover: Romwe HERE
Jeffery campbell Black, silver spiked lita: Available in many place (solestuck, nastygal, office...)

Hola muchachos, so sales are here and i have christmas money so I came to the conclusion that it was the perfect time to do some internet browsing. Ive found so much amazing stuff and have actually purchased some things which I cant wait to share with you guys.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beanies from local hero and i think you guys should check them out definitely, I'm almost 100% sure i will be purchasing a beanie from them soon! I was torn with which one to put on my wishlist, I love this WHATEVER one but there is another beanie that says 'bad hair day' which is super cool aswell. The jumper I saw and fell in love with straight away, the pattern and all the colours are beautiful. Then a good old pair of Jeffery Campbells which i have been lusting over for absolutely ages! And finally Ive been loving hoop earings recently and I found this pair from topshop which are exactly what i was looking for, but to my dismay, they are out of stock. Fingers crossed sooner or later they will be back in stock somehow and if not ill have to go on a search for some others.

Im gonna be super busy at the moment due to exams, so i doubt i will be able to post too much, but you never know, procrastination levels might rise and drive me to post loads. Who knows?


  1. I love that beanie! So cool <3

    Ellen xx

  2. I love everything in this wishlist!
    Those hoops and that beanie in particular!

    I haven't worn my spiked litas in a while but i think i might dig them out again