Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week in Photos

Here is my first week in photos, I did cheat a bit because the first picture was about two weeks ago but i was missing a picture and it wasnt tooooo long ago so heyho! This week has been pretty busy considering the fact I have started work on weekend, school, homewoke, birthday, blogging and the list goes on, however luckily on friday we have a day off school. Im so enjoying blogging at the moment, I'm desperate to get home from school to carry on and do more posts! I have a whole list of  post and ideas ready to get blogging about. I am still camera-less at the moment so for the moment I will be using my parents iPhones to take pictures and fingers crossed the quality wont to too atrocious. 
So here is my week in photos #1 

1- This was in Binissalem a small village on the other side of the island to where i live. They were having their annual village parties and this was a morning after photo in a field we found that was full of the randomest object that had been dumped off of the floats from the night before.
2- Delicious Sunday morning breakfast me and my brother made before work. American pancakes with nutella, lemon and sugar. They were so delicious!
3- Penny board! I took Josh (my brother) to buy a penny board, which he hasent got off since he got it. I can kinda ride it, but need to get a bit of practice in
4- With the lovely Izzy and Holly at Oktoberfest on saturday night, so much fun
5- Shopping with the father, lovely morning. My neon pink vans, my friend gto me from america, I wear them with almost everything at the moment, love them to bits.
6- The sunset after my first day at work, i was so tired and it felt so good to sit down and watch the sunset in peace and relax. It was a very busy weekend.
7- The amazing Kirsty winter's birthday party on the beach in the evening was really nice with Kristy and Izzy, the runbitches girls-
8- My new ukeleleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My amazing friends bought me thsi for my birthday, i have been practicing non-stop and I'm loving it!
9- and finally, my best friend bought me this lovely hat for my birthday with I cant wait for the cold weather to be able to wear this and all my new wintery stuff! Its a chuky knit black booble hat, she sent me this is a big birthday package along with a few other personal bits and bobs, I couldnt of asked her for more on my birthday, she wrote me the cutest letter and birthday card! 


  1. pretty girl! :) sounds like a fabbo week :D x

  2. thanks for visting my blog doll! I like your blog so im now following you, follow back?
    xoxo mwah

  3. Love the 7th photo and your hat looks so cool <3

    Ellen xx